packaging design + end cap display

Client: Biaggi  |  Employer: Design Packaging Inc

Biaggi approached us to update their packaging and create an end cap display as a pitch for Costco. The visuals for the zip pouch with insert needed to clearly introduce the functionality of the product: luggage that can be folded for easy storage. I focused on on clean, clear graphics as well as copy and photography to communicate the product.

I worked with the team for pallet sizing according to Costco's standards, then use that as a starting point to for the rest of the dimensions. The angled display allows for customers walking down the main aisle to see the assembled luggage in comparison to the ones folded on the corrugate shelves. Strong and clean visuals as well as minimal copy conveyed the ease of use for the consumer.

After the presentation, Costco loved the design so much they decided to place an order with Biaggi.