Origami Owl

digital look book + print catalog + email design

Client: Origami Owl  |  Employer: Origami Owl

Origami Owl wanted to move in to a new direction with their graphics – to evolve their visuals with a more clean, modern feel, while keeping the core of their messaging true to their original brand positioning. Along with the art director, photographers, and other key team members, I collaborated with the team at Origami Owl Custom Jewelry to create their summer digital look book, Fall/Winter print catalog, help launch of their new pet line, and design email graphics, including their partnership with Universal’s Despicable Me 3. The company’s core messaging of faith, family, and love were paired with whimsical, yet modern aesthetics to bring the brand up to date.


despicable me 3 launch email

Origami Owl partnered with Universal Studio's Despicable Me 3 for licensed products. As part of their launch, I studied Universal's brand guidelines, and designed this playful email announcing the partnership. The initial visual creates curiosity and excitement as the consumer scrolls down to clickable links to shop and a promo video.

Touchpoints: research / concpeting / design / typography


fall/winter print catalog

The Origami Owl seasonal catalog is a key component to the business, featuring both new and existing products that "O2 designers" can use to create custom jewelry pieces for their clients. As lead designer, I evolved the look to a fresh, young, editorial aesthetic pairing bold visuals with their whimsical and fun messaging.

Touchpoints: direction / concepting / layout design / photo art direction / copy


paws collection launch

Another project I helped launch was the Origami Owl Paws Collection – customized pet collars that pairs their Living Lockets® and charms. To launch this new product I took my background working at PetSmart and worked with designer and illustrator Julie Justison to: help establish visual direction, select appropriate dog breeds for collar sizes, direction on locket styling, naming, copy, and brochure direction. 

Touchpoints: direction / concepting / illustration art direction / copy


z-fold brochure


the logo concept that got away


summer campaign

The Origami Owl summer campaign consisted of a digital look book to feature their new charms, and wraps that would carry through the summer season, including the Independence Day holiday. Emails and web graphics were created to support the look book's carefree, refreshing feel.

Touchpoints: concepting / layout design / photo art direction / copy


digital look book




email design