dog care packaging

Proprietary Brand  |  Employer: PetSmart

PetSmart wanted to introduce a line of disposable diapers in their Top Paw proprietary brand to help puppies and elderly dogs keep the house clean. In order to help the customer recognize and understand the product, bold type and large imagery was used. For this project, I worked with the printer for accurate printing, created paper mockups, art directed the photoshoot, collaborated with the animal talent agency, worked hands-on with the stylist to custom fit the diaper to each dog, and made sure the details in each shot was checked off the checklist.

PetSmart's Top Paw line of pet shampoo and fragrance sprays were launched as a proprietary brand to increase sales within the company. This line of dog hair care was placed in the store's grooming area for customers to purchase, much like human salons would. I chose colors, illustrated the dogs, and designed the bottles to be clearly identifiable by the consumer.


consumables packaging

Grreat Choice is PetSmart's good/value brand, in their good, better, best categories.

Greeat Choice cat litter packaging used large photography and typography to help make it distinct from the other products. Because these bags would be lying down, not standing up, the information on both ends needed to be simple and clear for the consumer, revealing more information as they pull it off shelf.

Grreat Choice dog treats got a redesign based on customer feedback. I cleared up confusion by reorganizing the information, and including photographs of the treats in actual size. I booked the dog talent and worked with the photographer and trainers to achieve a happy and healthy approach.


cat fur care packaging

PetSmart wanted to refresh its line of cat shampoos since it originally did not have a strong shelf presence. Instead of simply updating the artwork with traditional Whisker City brand elements, I alluded to them in a different way.

I was inspired by Bath & Body Works bottle packaging, and designed a label that used ink layers of metallic, white and process color to achieve a reflective look on the top and bottom, while keeping other areas opaque. I booked the cat talent, photographer, and creatively led the shoot to achieve the final result.